Experience 11 of 52: Butterfly Garden

Brookside Gardens is a 50-acre public display garden located in Montgomery County Maryland.  Although the park features a variety of gardens including an Aquatic Garden, an Azalea Garden and a Rain Garden (among others) we mainly visited the park for its renowned Butterfly Garden.  Unfortunately, the “Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly and Caterpillar Exhibit” closed early due to a heat advisory and we were unable to enjoy the exhibit.

Since we had made the trek to the gardens, we spent some time in the Visitor Center and we explored some of the garden grounds.

The center included a play area for young kids where we took a break for a few minutes while the girls dressed up in butterfly costumes.

We also learned about different cloud types:

  • Cumulus clouds: puffy, cotton-like in appearance that are often precursors of other types of clouds.
  • Cirrus clouds: thin, wispy strands that typically indicate that weather conditions may soon deteriorate with the arrival of precipitation
  • Stratus clouds: flat, hazy, featureless clouds that are essentially above-ground fog
  • Nimbus cloud is a cloud that produces precipitation in the form of rain, hail, snow or sleet

Cloud Types

After learning about the clouds, we made our way outside and checked out the frontier like replica houses.  These were also closed but the gals still enjoyed making their own short frontier time plays using the houses as props.

Overall, the experience was less than impressive but I think this was largely due to being unprepared for the visit.  We decided to do the outing at the last-minute after picking up one of the kids from summer camp.  After visiting the website and reviewing the options, Brookside Gardens looks intriguing and would be worth another visit.

Time Spent: about 2 hours
Cost: Free (although the “Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly and Caterpillar” Exhibit would have had an entry fee if it was open)

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