Experience 15 of 52: Jamestown Settlement

The Jamestown settlement became the first permanent English settlement to be established in North America.  We visited the settlement on a quiet, humid afternoon and were not disappointed.  The Jamestown National Historic Site provided a sense of the life within the first permanent colony.

Starting at the Visitors Center, we first viewed a movie about the establishment and hardships of the settlement.  We learned about the Powhatan Indians, John Rolfe and Pocahontas and the how tobacco helped to save the colony.

After the Visitors Center we walked through the wetlands and spotted several turtles, a snake and several deer.  We entered the partially re-created settlement and were able to walk around as if it were our colony.  We learned that the settlement location was not the first spot the colonists landed but the spot was chosen because of the deep waters that allowed all 3 ships carrying the settlers to be tied to the nearby trees.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the “Archaearium” that held numerous artifacts that had been discovered at this historical site.  We were enthralled by the actual skeleton of one of a young man who had been shot and killed during the time of the settlement.  We talked through the exhibit and learned how archeologists came up with their hypothesis that the man was young (because of his bone density and structure) and that he was most likely shot by someone else (because of the bone scatter pattern that would have been created by a weapon of the period from a specific distance).  We also read about currency in the colony and learned that the most expensive item a person could own was a bed.

This was a visit that we all enjoyed.  It’s well worth a trip if you’re in the area.  Take your time, enjoy the history, and imagine what life must have been like in Jamestown in 1607.

Time spent: Over 2 hours (without a moment of boredom :))
Cost: $40 for the four of us

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