Experience 17 of 52: Outer Banks, North Carolina

OB Olympic Balloon Tossing Event

This Outer Banks in North Carolina provide numerous opportunities for family life experiences.  During our visit this year we experienced many outdoor activities that were both relaxing and fun:

  • We kept an eye on the Mars Curiosity Rover as it arrived and landed on Mars.  It includes the names of Grace and Kate on a microchip that is on the back of the rover
  • We watched some of the 2012 Olympics and the girls enjoyed the “Outer Banks Olympics” with their cousins and friends as the participants.  Grace won gold in both the archery and gymnastics events while Kate won the gold in the Uno event and a bronze in the gymnastics event.  Thanks to cousin Meg and her boyfriend Bryan for organizing.
  • We visited with 2 long time family friends that happened to be vacationing at the Outer Banks during the exact same week we were there.
  • We crabbed off the pier and caught several crabs.  Unfortunately for us but fortunately for them, they were too small to eat.  We learned that crabs enjoy raw chicken necks and tying them to the end of a string or rope allows you to pull them up while they’re eating the chicken.  A second person uses a net on a long pole to try to scoop them up.

    Grace pulling up the line while Kate readies the net

  • We fished off the pier but had no luck with catching anything.  The girls ended up “adopting” a few of the worms as pets for a few days.  They loved to hold them and get their hands dirty.
  • We kayaked in the Albemarle Sound with Grace, for the first time, woman-ing (as opposed to “manning” ;)) her own kayak
  • We caught a Tree Frog and talked about what he’d like to eat
  • We caught a turtle and kept him as a pet for a couple of hours until he had to do his “business” in the plastic tub we were keeping him in.  We decided that a turtle was a bit too messy to have as a pet.
  • We spent some time at the beach and the girls did some limited boogie boarding (the waves were a bit rough), got up close with a jelly fish (Grace unwittingly touched it with her fingers) and we built our version of a sand castle (really a sand pit – a large hole in the sand big enough for a couple of us to sit it).
  • We ended our trip with the girls using money they had saved to purchase 2 hermit crabs they affectionately named “Hermes” and “Zeus” (we’d read Perseus and the Lightning Thief earlier this year and also remembered the Greek gods atop the dome of the rotunda that we visited earlier during this journey).  We’ve learned about their habitat and their living requirements and have created a home for them as our newest family pets (to go along with Emily the beta fish and “C-C” the cat.

    Kate casting

  • We also had family time with the extended family completing a very challenging puzzle of a Vincent Van Gogh painting and playing the fun game of Nerts.

Although we love the sound of the waves crashing ashore, we love the opportunities to fish, crab and kayak on the Albemarle Sound side of the Outer Banks.  This experience allows the girls to enjoy the roar of the ocean and the serenity of the Sound.

Playing Mancala and being silly

Time Spent: ~7 days
Cost: Dependent on where you stay

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