Experience 21 of 52: Spirit Cruise Sightseeing Tour of Baltimore

The five of us enjoying our adventure

Spirit Cruises in Baltimore offers a wide range of cruises from the Baltimore Inner Harbor waterfront. We enjoyed a sightseeing cruise that included a 75 minute narrated tour and we were not disappointed because it highlighted some of the places we had visited over the past year (even before our 52 in 52 adventure began), including:

Besides seeing these attractions from a different angle, we refreshed on many nautical terms, some of which were repeats from our previous experiences:

  • Bow and stern – the front and back of the ship
  • Port and starboard – the left or right side of the ship
  • Forward and Aft – the front/back of the ship
  • Galley – the kitchen on the ship
  • Brig – the jail on the ship

Kate with the tugboats named after her 🙂

A few other things we learned or events we participated in:

  • The body of water that is in the Inner Harbor is the Patapsco River
  • The gals learned that the “Key Bridge” is named after Francis Scott Key and sits close to where it is believed Key observed the battle of Fort McHenry and penned the Star Spangled Banner.
  • We refreshed our knowledge on buoys which we originally learned at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk on a previous experience: “Red, right, returning”.
  • The gals learned about tug boats and their purpose.  We even saw some with a big “K” (for Kate?) on the side.
  • The gals also enjoyed a visit to the “wheelhouse” where the captain was navigating the boat.
  • The gals enjoyed a bit of dancing.

Time Spent: ~3 hours
Cost: This trip was free for us but would have cost $52

In the Wheelhouse

Dancing the Cotton Eyed Joe

Sun setting over Ft. McHenry

Returning to Port


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