Experience 23 of 52: Delivering Donations and Touring Facilities

Delivering the Hygiene Kits

For our 23rd experience we delivered the food collected and the Hygiene kits the gals and their friends had packed during their birthday parties.

Compressing the blankets – the pile was as tall as the door to the machine!

The food was delivered to the local Salvation Army Service Center.  We dropped off the food and were given a quick tour of the food pantry and the kitchen area where food bags are packed to be distributed to those in need.  Volunteers pack the donated non-perishable food into grocery bags where they will later be supplemented with frozen meats.  These bags are given to local families who come to the service center requesting assistance.

Following our drop off of the food donations at the service center, we made our way to the Church of the Brethren: Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md to deliver the Hygiene kits.  After unloading our kits, we were given a tour of the warehouse where we learned:

A little blurry, but this picture shows 210-280 blankets on a single pallet ready for shipment

Basic Utility Vehicles (BUVs) ready to send to the Congo

This was an enlightening experience where the girls heard about how their donated items make their way from their home into the homes of others around the world.  Loretta gave us a fantastic tour, patiently answering the girls’ questions about where the donations come from and where and how they are transferred to their destinations.  We hadn’t requested a tour in advance which made us appreciate Loretta’s patient and comprehensive tour all the more.

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One thought on “Experience 23 of 52: Delivering Donations and Touring Facilities

  1. melissa frick

    Very cool Paul ! Nice write-up !!!

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