Experience 26 of 52: Port Discovery

Our Port Discovery experience was better than expected because not only did the girls enjoy the fun of the play maze but the exhibits connected nicely with our previous experience and interest in Greek mythology as well as Kate’s recent interest in Egypt and Cleopatra.  The “Gods, Myths and Mortals” exhibit presented several interactive exhibits that allowed the girls to test their knowledge of the Greek gods by matching the names to the myths.

Another mythological exhibit asked a number of multiple choice questions on how you might handle certain situations. After completing the questionnaire you were told which mythological character you were most like. Kate was clever like Hermes, Grace was adventurous like Odysseus and Dad was hideous like Polyphemus, the Cyclops blinded by Odysseus.  It was a welcomed opportunity to brush up on some of the crazy myths and characters.  We had previously encountered some Greek mythology in the book “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, during Experience 3 of 52: U.S. Capitol Building and during Experience 10 of 52: The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA).

Another thing we learned about ancient Greece was that Athens invented democracy, or rule by citizens but  in order to vote you had to:

  • be male
  • be at least 18 years old
  • your father had to be a citizen
  • your mother had to come from a citizen family

This led to the obvious discussion, especially in this political climate, about the treatment of women, slaves and immigrants and how our U.S. modern society has changed its views regarding these ideas.

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