Experience 31 of 52: Cancun

The education that comes with traveling to other countries can’t be compared to reading about it in a school text book. Although the girls have been absent from school this week, the cultural experience of being in Mexico has, among other things, provided opportunities for the girls to

  • navigate an airport and understand how to go through security, how to determine which gate your plan will be at, how to find your gate and where to pick up your luggage (yes, we do involve the girls in the entire process)
  • understand the customs process and the purpose of passports
  • read a map of a park to determine how to reach our destination
  • convert pesos into U.S. dollars (good work on their multiplication skills)
  • learn about safe travel in other countries
  • learn about public transportation by riding the public bus for local business
  • purchase goods in a market where prices are negotiable and learning that it is ok (and sometimes profitable) to walk away from something you really want if the price is not fair for both parties
  • hear the Spanish language used in an authentic way

The girls have also been able to enjoy themselves playing in the pools, walking on the beach, ordering drinks from the pool bar, playing on the playground, making t-shirts, doing a piñata and visiting with family.

I think the point I’d emphasize from this trip is that all of life is school and every experience we give our children adds value to their lives.  In the experiences that involve traveling, especially to other countries, our hope is that the girls will come to understand that the United States is but one country in a large world and just because we do things one way in America it doesn’t make it the right or only way. Diversity of ideas and lifestyles is what makes the world such a fascinating place and the sooner we can appreciate and accept differences in others the sooner we can find peace in ourselves.

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