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Experience 39 of 52: Skiing

Two trips to Ski Roundtop this year have exposed the gals to the skiing experience and it quickly became a favorite activity for them. ¬†Susan is the experienced skier in the family and, I’m glad, wants to expose the gals to something that I must admit is no so exciting for me ūüôā

On the first adventure both girls enrolled in a lesson which helped them to learn the basics and to gain confidence . ¬†Both gals quickly picked up the minimum skills (controlling your downward speed and being able to slow down and stop yourself). ¬†It’s taken me a little longer but Kate helped me on the next trip! ¬†After spending the day learning and taking a final run down the slope, we headed for home.

On the second adventure we were joined by some of our good friends and their children which made the experience all the more fun.  We skipped the lessons this time and headed straight for the slopes where Kate did a fantastic job of teaching dad all that she had learned during our previous trip.  Grace and her friend ended the day making a few runs on their own which was a whole new level of trust and the confirmation that Grace is growing up and is certainly mature enough to be trusted in this type of environment.  Kate continued to make runs with mom and did a great job staying in control the entire time.

I have to admit that skiing isn’t exactly dad’s thing but as long as the gals want to continue I’ll go along for the ride!

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Experience 38 of 52: ICE

ICE at the Gaylord National Resort – National Harbor, Maryland is created from over 5,000 blocks of ice weighing over 2 million pounds. ¬†As quoted from this website, the artisans are from “Harbin, China – a city in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province that is world-famous for its annual Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival.¬†Every winter, more than 2,000 sculpture artists carve a massive, 100-acre walk-through Ice Park and a full-size Ice City from blocks of ice taken from the nearby Songhua River.”

The display at National Harbor is a quite “cool” 9 degrees and requires you to bundle up¬†while you ooh and ah over the sculptors artistry. ¬†The highlights were the ice slide and a huge ice angel!

We followed the ICE show with dinner at “Grace’s Mandarin” Chinese restaurant with impressive views of the harbor.

In addition to the ICE show, we walked through the Gaylord National Resort Hotel which is an adventure in and of itself!  The indoor atrium features a 60 foot tall Christmas tree and includes a nightly tree lighting ceremony complete with indoor snowfall.

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