Experience 41 of 52: Geocaching

As best described by geocaching.com, “GEOCACHING is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smart phone or GPS and can then share their experiences online.”

The advent of geocaching is a pretty cool story best described here.

For this experience we used a GPS device to locate 3 different hidden treasures located in the Eldersburg area.  The first cache was magnetized and hidden in a storm drain – yes, as you can see, these caches can be hidden anywhere.   This cache included a simple log book where we signed our team name.

The second cache was hidden on a playground which made for a nice stop along our way, although it also presented 2 obstacles: other kids :).  In geocaching terms, non-cachers are called “muggles”.  You don’t want a muggle to see you finding or hiding a cache because they might find it for themselves and, not knowing what it’s for, remove it.  The girls had the wise idea of playing tag so that we appeared to be simply playing when in reality we were looking for the cache.  After locating the cache, we changed our cover story and began to play hide-and-go-seek so that one of us could stealthily spend a few minutes opening the cache.  This cache contained small toys that the girls could exchange for toys of their own.  The “give-a-toy, take-a-toy” type of cache is always fun for the girls because they come home with something new.

Our final cache of the day was located at the local public library.  This cache, hidden in a tree on the library’s property, was a bit more difficult because of the numbers of nearby muggles but we managed to sign the log and finish for the day.

This experience taught the girls about GPS, including how it works and how it helps us in our everyday lives.

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