Experience 42 of 52: Girl Power

The Applied Physics Laboratory hosts an annual expo to introduce girls to the possibilities that exist in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers.  Although our girls are still a few years away from choosing fields of study, and the event was geared towards middle and high school girls, we decided it was never too early to see what STEM can do for you.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  So, prior to her last game, we left Grace’s soccer tournament to attend “Girl Power”.  Although initially disappointed in leaving the tournament, Grace quickly overcame her dismay once we arrived at the expo.

The event was packed with girls engaging in STEM activities and we will definitely be coming back each year!

The highlights included:

  • A 30 minute, engaging science show
  • Building the tallest tower possible using ~30 straws and a few inches of tape (Grace’s tower came to 85″)
  • Catching balls from the basketball shooting robot built by the Atholton High School Robotics Team
  • Exploring the science of magic
  • Learning about a spectrometer
  • Wearing a clean suit as if you were working on building a satellite
  • Completing math puzzles

The girls so enjoyed the experience that we were one of the last families to leave and we essentially had to pull the girls away from the activities!  We certainly learned that it’s never too early to see the wonders of science and to start planting seeds of awe and wonder at the possibilities that learning, questioning and experimenting open to you.

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