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Experience 52 of 52: Ride to School on a Fire Truck

Riding a fire truck to school was our final recorded experience during our journey. This experience was won during a silent auction at our elementary school and was well worth it. Eagerly anticipating the adventure, the gals waited out front and smiled large when the ladder truck approached the house.

The gals received a tour of the truck and all of its equipment and learned about how prepared the firemen are as they arrive at an emergency in essentially a rolling toolbox. We also learned that each fireman has a role in an emergency and that the role is determined by their seat on the truck.

After the tour, we climbed aboard and enjoyed the ride to school. Grace sat up front and was able to sound the horn as Mom, Dad and Kate sat in the back.

Arriving at school, the gals were greeted by several friends as well as the school administration which made for a fun arrival.

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Experience 51 of 52: Seven-Foot Knoll Lighthouse

The “Seven-Foot Knoll Lighthouse” in downtown Baltimore was a fascinating look at the life of a light-house keeper. We learned:

– The lighthouse was manned by keepers of the “US Lighthouse Service” (and eventually the U.S. Coast Guard)
– Because it was in an isolated location, the lighthouse was designed for 3 keepers
– Each night at sundown the “beacon lamp” was lit and had to remain lit until sunrise
– Each morning the “beacon lens” had to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next evening
– During dense fog, a fog bell was sounded
– A cistern was used to collect rain water to provided water for the keepers

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Experience 50 of 52: World Trade Center, Baltimore

We visited the World Trade Center in Baltimore for experience 50 of 52. Besides the view, we learned several other interesting facts:

– Johns Hopkins was the first medical school in the country to admit women
– The first battle of the Civil War was fought in Maryland when Union soldiers traveling south were attacked as they switched rail cars in Camden Station
– The WTC is the tallest pentagon shaped building in the world

The WTC contains a 9/11 remembrance memorial for the 68 men, women and children from Maryland who died on 9/11.

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Experience 49 of 52: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds went beyond our expectations. Thinking we’d stop by to see and learn about sheep, we were quite surprised at the sheer number of people attending the event. The event featured vendors selling their wool and woolen goods as well as shepherds entering their sheep into contests. There were more than a 1000 sheep participating in the event.

We walked the grounds window shopping the homemade wares. We stopped by the Just a Mere Tree Farm booth that was selling maple syrup and the owner was kind enough to discuss the process of making it. We learned:
– It can take up to 50 gallons of sap to create 1 gallon of maple syrup
– The sap is collected into a large vat
– The sap is sent to an “evaporator” where the excess water is boiled off
– The point in the season when a tree is “tapped” can affect the color and taste of the syrup

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Experience 48 of 52: Civil War Reenactment

To enhance our understanding of the Civil War, experience 48 was spent observing a Civil War reenactment at the local Farm Museum. During this experience, we meandered through a mock Civil War encampment and watched a small reenactment of a civil war battle.

We also learned that “hoop rolling” and the “Game of Graces” were popular activities for young girls during the Civil War period. The purpose of the “Game of Graces” was to make young girls more graceful.

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