Experience 33 of 52: Akumal, Mexico

Akumal, (which means “Place of the Turtle” in the Mayan language), a small town 100 km south of Cancun, was like a picture postcard of a Caribbean beach. Small boats to be chartered for snorkeling adjacent to an ocean front cabana made it feel like heaven. We relaxed in the numerous hammocks before moving to the cabana for vittles.

After lunch we continued further along a dirt, pot-hole filled road to reach Yu-Hal to begin our snorkeling adventure. We donned our gear and trekked a stones throw to the lagoon. We were treated to a multitude of species to stimulate our sense of wonder and awe. Yellow, blue or black in color; short medium or long-nosed; in schools or swimming alone we coasted along enjoying the beauties of the undersea world.

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